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Farmdale Farming Games Amp; Township With Villagers Mod Apk UPDATED

With that relaxing idea in mind, we have compiled the best farming games for Android devices and put them in this article, so enjoy tending to your craps and making sure your animals are fed!

farmdale farming games amp; township with villagers mod apk

Stardew Valley is just the best farming game on Android (and everything else, to be completely honest) at the moment. After you are given a farm from your grandfather, leaving your terrible office life, you can then build up your farm, clear the land, get animals, interact with locals, attend festivals and so much more. The game is based on energy, which can be regenerated by sleeping at the end of the day, or by going to the hot baths.

FarmVille 3 is a more arcade farming game, where you can slowly build up your farm over time, growing different crops and getting various animals to help make your farm profitable. It's fairly similar to the older FamVille games, but this one focuses its attention more on animals than anything else.

This clicker is designed specifically for those who want to immerse themselves in a magnificent world filled with the beauties of nature. In the beginning, you will have a small farm, and you will have to develop and improve it. If you are looking for an unusual farming simulator with clicker elements, you should definitely try Mega Farm: Idle Tycoon Clicker!

While the graphics are nowhere near the adorable ones from Tsuki Adventure or the pixel-perfect ones from Stardew Valley, it's still pretty good, with its rather simplistic approach. Nonetheless, we still consider it one of the best farming games for Android phones.

If you want to play a farming tycoon type that lets you grow your crops next to the sea, Family Farm Seaside can definitely do that! You will be farming and looking after animals on the seaside, with a view of the ocean and the beach just offscreen. Family Farm Seaside also has a cooking aspect, so you can sell your crops or cook with them.

Township is a fun casual project for mobile devices that combines a city-building simulator and a classic farming game. Thanks to the unique concept, Township is currently one of the most popular games in this genre and has a huge fan base.

Here you can create a lovely island and decorate it using hundreds of beautiful items. It is a multiplayer game where you can trade with other farmers, visit different islands, and interact with players in many ways. This Android farming sim stands out among similar projects with its excellent graphics, high degree of realism, as well as exciting gameplay.

On top of that, you can grow various crops, such as corn, sunflowers, wheat, potatoes, and many others. Your task here is pretty simple, you have to earn a lot of money to buy new lands. Expand your farm and grow even more crops. By the way, if you are a true fan of this genre, we also have a list of the best farming games for iPad and iPhone, make sure to check it out!

Happy Farm is a totally new farming experience with more petsand larger farm land for your Android device. Come and build yourown dream farm, feed your pets and exchange gifts with thousands ofother players online!

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