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A New Sales Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard of PORTABLE

If you're at all interested in inbound marketing, you've probably heard of HubSpot. They're a leader in the digital marketing industry, and their blogs, videos, and certification courses are pretty popular. While you might know who HubSpot, the company, is, it's a little harder to know what HubSpot, the software, is and does.

A new sales tool you’ve probably never heard of

That way, every marketer in a company can use HubSpot's tools to nurture qualified leads until they are ready to pass on to the sales team. When a lead is ready to convert, they're easily passed onto the sales team for a simple, seamless experience that helps companies turn warm leads into happy customers.

Now, years down the line, HubSpot offers that original software in the form of a complete CRM, which includes specific software and tools for sales, marketing, service, and operations teams, PLUS an epic content management system (the HubSpot CMS).

The HubSpot CMS was launched in April of 2020. You see, HubSpot knew that they had superior marketing, sales, and service tools at that point, but what's the true heart of all of your company's activities these days?

HubSpot Sales Hub gives sales teams the tools they need to provide excellent service and close deals the minute a lead is ready to convert. It's a robust package of tools that can seriously level-up your selling game. It's so robust we actually gave it its own blog. If you're interested, check out this post on What's the Deal with HubSpot Sales?

Just like the Marketing Hub, HubSpot's Sales Hub has a vast offering of sales tools, depending on the tier that best fits your company. And, they all integrate with the Marketing Hub, the Service Hub, and of course the HubSpot CMS.

You've probably never heard of the marketing and data aggregation firm Exactis. But it may well have heard of you. And now there's also a good chance that whatever information the company has about you, it recently leaked onto the public internet, available to any hacker who simply knew where to look.

Another situation that calls for a follow up email is after a trigger event occurs. For example, if you notice a prospect is re-opening an email or proposal you sent, you can try to follow up with them. Using HubSpot's free sales tools, you can get notifications whenever a prospect opens your email.

Despite the fact that proposals are a staple sales tool, they actually do anything but help salespeople close more deals in less time. In fact, they make selling more difficult than it needs to be.

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