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Hot Hot Kiss Photos

In the pics, both a bikini-clad Cyrus (in Versace) and Carter (in Montce Swim), can be seen cuddling, kissing and swimming at the Il Sereno hotel, alongside Cyrus' sister, Brandi. Last week, Carter and Jenner announced they had "decided to amicably separate" after reportedly tying the knot in Bali last June. However, a source close to the former couple told ET that the two were never legally married, unlike Cyrus and Hemsworth, who made their love official last December in an intimate ceremony attended by their closest friends and family.

hot hot kiss photos

Four years ago this month, the Vancouver Canucks lost in the seventh game of the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup finals. The city erupted in riots shortly afterwards, as it is wont to do on such occasions, with the normally docile downtown descending into chaos. Amid the tear-gas and burning cop cars, photographer Rich Lam took an now-famous photo of a couple sharing a kiss while lying in the street.

The riot kiss image spread almost instantly through international media outlets and spurred a slew of online memes, as mystery grew over the identity of the couple. Days after the Canucks' defeat, the duo were identified as Canadian Alex Thomas and Australian Scott Jones, after the latter's family members named them to the public.

"This photo symbolizes so many aspects of the current revolution in Iran. A woman who is boldly defying hijab laws, a couple breaking strict Sharia law which forbids kissing in public, particularly if they are unmarried, and bravely standing in the middle of traffic to make their message known to the world," she explained.

A couple in Iran openly defies several state laws, including the requirement for women to wear headscarves and potentially a ban on unwed couples kissing in public, in a unique act of defiance against the regime. (The Foreign Desk)

The Fifty Shades Darker cast continued filming scenes on Thursday as Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) and Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) were spotted in a steamy, hot kiss. Christian had Ana against an alleyway brick wall as they passionately locked lips.

Teigen and Legend tied the knot in 2013 and swiftly became the best couple to follow on social media. The supermodel and her Grammy-winning husband never miss an opportunity to kiss, laugh, and flaunt their love no matter where they are.

Cardi and Offset have sweet moments front row at award shows, during steamy photoshoots, and on Instagram. The duo married in an intimate bedroom ceremony one year ago and have since welcomed a daughter, Kulture.

After a bit of Twitter banter, Hyland and the Bachelorette star started hanging out offline in 2017, and the rest is history. The finacés love to shower each other with kisses, even in the presence of red carpet photographers.

Brezhnev kissed not only those from socialist countries or from the neutral nations of the Non-Alignment Movement. Sometimes, the Soviet leader locked lips with his foes from the capitalist world. This was the case with U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Another American, dance teacher Annie Hallman, who was a part of a U.S. delegation that visited the USSR in 1973, also had the chance to experience Brezhnev's kiss. Their photo made the choreographer famous on both sides of the Atlantic.

Not everybody in the Soviet establishment thought that Brezhnev's affectionate kisses were a good idea. Yury Andropov, head of the KGB under Brezhnev and his successor at the helm of the USSR after his death, expressed to one of his subordinates his dismay over Brezhnev's kissing. However, in public he welcomed Brezhnev's warm embrace.

Travis held a blue umbrella over the couple, who were seated outdoors at a white linen-covered table. His tongue was visible as he leaned into kiss Kourtney, as the pair once again showed that their desire cannot be contained, even over a rainy al fresco Italian dinner.

This kiss is the nipping, feeding kiss. You sample your partner's skin, moving up the length of his jaw, tasting the saltiness of his skin and enjoying the simple feel of him on your way to capture his lips.

This kiss begins with swallowing your partner's gentle sign as you begin to tease his lips. It's butterfly soft, but can inflame to scorching intensity very quickly. It's important to focus only on the sensations from lip to lip to achieve that scorcher effect here.

This is the chocolate and roses kiss, it begins with setting the scene for romance. If you set the scene, then you sit back and let the kisses come to you, tasting nibbles of sweet, dark chocolate on his lips. In fact, you can combine the mood kisses by feeding him samples of food, sweets or wine and tasting it from his lips.

These dirty kisses are purely about the chemistry between the man and the woman. They've obviously been working or playing hard and they are touching with absolute abandon, celebrating their contact with each other. This is almost the movie kiss, that moment in a film when the couple rushes to each other to trade kisses. Capture this feeling and remember it - the kiss says it doesn't matter whether you are dripping in mud or jewels, it's all about being together.

This affectionate pairing is tasting breathe and soul with each tentative kiss. The kiss hovers, lips nearly brushing, while the couple's breath mingles together, heightening anticipation for when their lips do finally fuse.

Wedding kisses are often the most passionate for a couple who have survived their walk down the aisle. This kiss is a particularly intimate and sweet moment, most likely mugged for the camera, but still lost in each other with the intimacy confined to where their mouths touch.

The first kiss of the morning, lips exploring while the warm sun drenches the couple in heat. This isn't necessarily about seduction, but celebrating a new day together, a new day of discovery and a new day for passion.

On soap operas, the kiss in the rain is the declaration that this couple has found the truest form of love and passion because their heat turns the drenching downpour to steam. In real life, the rain pounding against the skin can heighten the sensation of your bodies brushing and your lips fusing.

Brandi Glanville is making sure that her fans and followers on Twitter know that the photo she shared of herself kissing another woman over the weekend did, in fact, feature her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Denise Richards.

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